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practical solutions for today's leaders

realChange Partners

We know you want to change the world... we're here to help.

realChange Partners believes that empowered leaders with the right training and planning tools ensure their organizations' success... and that will effectively change the world.

realChange Partners' innovated planning processes and interactive, high-energy training programs guide today's leaders to set and achieve goals and share together in their success... and as we know, success leads to further success.


Planning shouldn't be a difficult or arduous process. In fact, it should be as clean and simple as possible. With realChange Partners, you and your team concentrate on the hard work of developing the content of your plan while we mind the process for you.

realChange Process©
Strategic, long-term planning that incorporates real change into the daily life of your organization and it's leaders.

Powerful, accelerated change for a specific part of your organization that needs immediate attention.

Facilitation that brings our decades of management and program experience to your community, board, or team meetings.


Leaders need training to build the capacity of their organizations. realChange Partners training provides the skills, experience and motivation to ensure your leaders engage. Change perspectives, provide tools and charge them up!

Our "no-dress code" webinars get you the same effective training experience as Mickey's live action workshops!

Group Training
Fun, interactive, discovery-based adult-learning experiences tailored for any group format.

Leadership Coaching
Individual and small group support and guidance with targeted outcomes for today's on-the-go leaders.

Keynote Addresses
Need an engaging speaker at your next conference or Board meeting? Mickey gets your team energized and ready to lead.